AfA position statement on Asia’s wet markets

AfA position statement on Asia’s wet markets

Posted on Wednesday 18th March 2020

Categories: News, Wildlife

Coalition provides expert, detailed advice on why wet markets throughout Asia will always pose a public health concern, until they are closed.

Never before has the world seen such a spotlight shone on the trade and consumption of wild animals with the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, COVID-19, which is spreading across the globe, but originated in one of Asia’s animal markets.

  President Trump of USA has so far been very vocal in describing COVID-19 as "The Chinese Virus", but it is clear the concerns of hygiene, animal cruelty and conservation issues are prevalent throughout Asia, hence the disease could have come from anywhere.   In the first of a series of position statements on every aspect of animal welfare which is affected by this global crisis, our coalition offers an antidote to sensationalist news and political hyperbole: expert advice based in science and experience from our 22 member organisations who have worked in Asia for many many years.   Read the position statement in full HERE    
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