AfA position statement on Vietnam’s dog & cat meat trade

AfA position statement on Vietnam’s dog & cat meat trade

Posted on Monday 6th April 2020

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Coalition offers insight in to the brutal trade in dog and cat meat in Vietnam and why it should become history.

Our members FOUR PAWS International and Change For Animals Foundation have conducted a groundbreaking investigation on the cat meat trade in Vietnam, with detailed findings to be released in coming months.

Every member of our organisation is opposed to the cat meat trade, which is sadly inextricably linked to the dog meat trade in Asia too.
Therefore, ahead of the release of the investigation report, we have published our united opposition to the trade with facts and figures - some of which can be hard reading.
Arguably, the coronavirus crisis has brought all the wet markets and 'extreme markets' of Asia in to the global public eye. So there is no better time to let leaders in Vietnam and elsewhere know that the world is watching.
The Animal Welfare movement is poised, hopeful that the recent announcement that the city of Shenzhen in China will completely ban the eating of cats and dogs will have a massive domino effect throughout Asia.
Read our full statement HERE
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