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As the largest network of animal welfare organisations in Asia, the AfA Coalition can impact the lives of animals across Asia and beyond. The AfA coalition serves as an incredible platform to support NGOs, to take direct action on animal welfare issues, and as a public resource. As a united voice we are better-positioned to have a positive impact on some of the region’s most urgent and extreme forms of animal cruelty and exploitation, calling on those in power to effect impactful change for animals.


The AfA Coalition is comprised of member organisations and supported by a huge network of supporting organisations.


Coalition Members
The Asia for Animals (AfA) Coalition is composed of 23 member organisations who are well-known and respected animal welfare organisations that have a shared focus on improving the welfare of animals in Asia. View all the 23 members HERE

Please do contact us to register your interest if you wish to join the coalition:

Supporting Organisations
The coalition is further supported by a global network of hundreds animal welfare organisations and as such represents millions of like-minded supporters across the globe. The aim and purpose of the coalition is to work together to tackle issues across Asia as one united voice.

AfA welcomes new animal welfare organisations into this supporting network.  To join the free network please complete the simple application form HERE

The network of supporting organisations is INTERNAL ONLY. The database can only be viewed by those organisations who are already part of the network. It lists the organisation, the contacts we have for that organisation and logo etc.
It does not share the email addresses with other network members – email addresses of organisations contacts are for the coalition staff only to be used to contact our network for things such as signing on to our appeals.

All network organisations will be sent a password to access this private internal database section of the network.

Please note that the supporting network of organisations are not listed as ‘members’ as they are not members of the coalition but of the supporting network.

To have your organisation listed please see the section on the public directory.


The coalition is an important voice in the world of animal welfare, and  there is no other network as large as AfA working collectively on issues in Asia. The AfA facilitates the raising awareness of issues requiring attention and action by local and international NGOs as well as information and resource sharing; whilst supporting and encouraging collaboration to tackle some of the most pressing animal welfare issues in the region.

We are always developing and striving to improve ways in which we can better serve animals and promote animal protection. Currently there are six main facets of our work, but as we progress more features will be added:

We raise appeal letters
AfA raises appeals targeting specific animal welfare concerns, either regarding a broader issue or aimed at a particular facility or addressing a specific incident. These letters are authored by animal welfare experts from within the coalition, always citing scientific evidence or legal & ethical guidelines, and always based on reports and evidence submitted by members or trusted partners. Often the animal welfare issues we address are sent to us by a member of our network of supporting organisations. In certain circumstances, such as political sensitivities, the NGO does not wish to be named as the instigator OR simply wishes assistance and support in tackling the issue.

Once drafted, the appeal letters are circulated to all  22 coalition members first for sign-off and then to our supporting organisations network for the option to add their support.  They are then sent to the facility, authority or government department directly from the coalition. The instigating NGO who raised the issue initially always has the option of being named or remaining anonymous.

Having such a strong coalition of 22 member organisations and an average of 200 supporting organisations adding their support to each of our appeal letters can have great impact, especially when our letter is addressed to government officials highlighting the level of global public scrutiny.  

As a supporting organisation you will receive our appeal letters with the option to join hundreds of other NGOs adding their name and logo to the letters. On average, we send two per month. See all our previous letters published on our website HERE

We manage the Asia for Animals Conference
Following the 2011 Asia for Animals conference, the coalition was formed to facilitate on-going conversations between NGOs and give them a collective voice from the smallest to the largest welfare issues. The bi-annual conference, the largest of its kind in Asia, continues to evolve as a forum for issues to be aired and a place for relationships to be launched.  Each conference has a specific organisation chosen to host and manage the event, you can see all our previous conferences HERE

*NB if your organisation wishes to apply to host an AfA conference please email

We manage a public directory of organisations in our network
The coalition is also as much a support network for fellow NGOs as it is for members of the public who have access to our public facing directory

When you join the network as a supporting organisation you will be automatically added to our ‘internal’ database and sent a password to a private section of our website where you can view the whole network (note: contact details are not shared)

You will also be given the option of joining this public directory by providing us with a contact and email address for your organisation so that members of the public can contact you directly to discuss any issues they are concerned about. Our public directory acts as a filter to allow the public to go directly to the source organisation they wish to support.

We manage an internal network discussion forum
We also have a private discussion forum open only to member organisations of our network to facilitate discussions on a huge variety of animal welfare issues.  It can be accessed from your log in to our website.

This forum facilitates the sharing of information with member organisations and assists the coalition in answering queries and in directing members of the public and other NGOs to the correct organisation working on the issue.


Simply complete this online form HERE giving information for our internal database and also optionally providing a contact for the public directory. You will be asked for one primary contact who will be our main point of contact as well as the person with the authority to sign off on appeal letters on behalf of your organisation. Please ensure you email with your organisation’s logo in an image format (png or jpg).

When completing the section to join the public directory please consider your answers from a public perspective. ie. If you work on issues relating to specific species of animals,  please do not simply select ‘all animals’; similarly if you work in a specific area or certain countries/ territories in Asia, please state where. The public directory should be as concise as possible to provide the most accurate information to guide members of the public to the correct organisation.




  • Organisations must keep their details updated both in the internal database below and the public listing.

  • If we receive a bounce back the email address will be deleted from our network, if that email address is the only contact for that organisation the organisation will be deleted from our network and the public directory if listed.

  • Organisations must support our work and sign on regularly to our appeal letters.

  • Our network is supportive, positive and helpful and expect our organisations to be the same.  Abuse will not be tolerated.

Please introduce us and share our work. It is a free network and we need more organisations to become a united voice for the animals of Asia. Please share this link:


Internal database
After you have completed the form, you will be sent a welcome email and then automatically added to the internal database.  The welcome email will include a username and password to access the private section of our website where you will be able to see your listing and your logo as well as the other network members.  

Public Directory
If you have also chosen to be listed on the public directory your organisation will show up HERE

Discussion Forum
You will be provided with instructions for joining the private discussion forum.

Updating your details
If there are any amendments please email them to It is imperative that the internal database listing and your public directory listing for your organisation and contacts are kept up to date.

Appeal letters
You will then start to receive regular emails from the coalition asking if your organisation wishes to support the appeals. If you give your support, following the deadline, your organisation will be automatically listed in the letters with your organisation name and logo.

Asking for help
If your organisation has an animal welfare issue in Asia that you feel the coalition could help to support please email Please note that we cannot guarantee that we can support every issue and that appeal requests will be handled on a case by case basis.


The coalition shares information surrounding our appeal letters and wider animal issues in Asia on our NEWS section of our website and also on social media channels; facebook, twitter and instagram. We encourage all of you to follow our pages and more importantly share the information.

For more information, explore our website or email us at

Thank you for being a united voice for the animals

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